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Web Design Terms and Conditions


Design and Construction: The price of the plan you choose covers the design, build, and publishing of your website online. The monthly management fee covers web hosting costs plus minor updates to the site such as a change of text or photo items on a page of your website (Limitations on text and photo changes to pages). Any major changes such as complete price change of a menu page, product page, services page, the partial or complete redesign of any page or the entire site will constitute a design change fee per change order. Any change request must be submitted by phone, email, standard U.S. mail, or you can use the personal request form or the business request form on the contact us page of our website. The detailed change or changes must be included in the communication and confirmed by us to ensure the stated changes take effect. Any changes usually take effect within 3-4 business days after confirmation is sent to your email, and/or you receive a phone contact. We are not responsible for problems beyond our control in receiving written change requests from clients such as email service problems, U.S. mail service problems, or phone service provider problems. When submitting any change request it is best to contact us by phone, and email, or U.S. mail to ensure that your request will be received. Any change requests that constitute an extra charge will be billed according to current design change costs.


Publishing your site: Your website will be published online only after an authorized representative of your company has fully approved the design and content of the site and after full payment has been received. After your site is approved and published, requesting redesign work on any page or the entire site will constitute a new design charge according to current design fees.


All rights reserved: We claim sole ownership of all the graphics we design for our client’s websites. This includes the graphics and overall design of our sites. Any photos that our clients provide for placement on the site are the sole property of the client. We claim sole ownership of all domain names we setup, register, and publish. The client must pay an annual registration fee to keep the domain name of their site active.

If the website account is cancelled by us or by the client a final statement will be sent for any outstanding balance. After final payment is received, the website account will be cancelled and domain name released.   


Term Agreement: This agreement is for a one year term website and by approving and paying in full for your site you are agreeing to fulfill this one year term (Subject to early cancellation fee).

After the one year term has ended your account will automatically convert to a new monthly agreement that can be cancelled at any time, no longer subject to an early cancellation fee.


Late payment fee: A payment received after the listed due date on the billing statement will be subject to a $5.00 late fee. If you or your company is delinquent on payment for two or more billing cycles, this will result in the automatic closing of your website and require a $250.00 reactivation fee plus any outstanding balances to reactivate the website.


Returned check fee: Any check submitted for payment of web services, tech services, or any other services provided by us that is rejected or returned by your bank or financial institution will be subject to a $20.00 check return fee.

This includes checks that were deposited to our bank and returned by the issuing bank, and checks submitted for cashing at the teller counter of the issuing bank that were refused to be cashed for varying reasons.


We do not sell or share any client information with other companies